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Debeard Mussels
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Freshly Smoked In Our Smoker!

Trudeau Oyster Knives
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Fresh Seafood
In Our Store
 *Prices are subject to change


Haddock  $11.00 lb
Local Salmon $14.00 lb
Local Halibut Steaks $20.00 lb (when available)
Local Halibut Fillets $23.00 lb (when available)

Smoked Salmon $22.00 lb

 Dulse Seaweed (when available)
$5.00 per bag


Fresh Frozen Seafood

 *Prices are subject to change

Fresh Frozen Lobster (inquire about price when available)

New!   Available Now $35.00
 1 lb bag 
Lobster meat frozen in salt water (knuckle, tail & claw)

 Salted COD $8.25 lb

Fish Cakes $1.55 ea
Crab Cakes $2.60 ea
 Salmon Cakes $1.55 ea

Smoked Haddock $10.50 lb
Kippers (Smoked Herring) $5.80 lb

 Black Tiger Shrimp $23.00 lb
Cooked Shrimp $15.50 lb

When Available...
 *Prices are subject to change

Fresh Local Scallops $23.00 lb (when available)
Local Clams in Shell (steamers)
  $6.00 lb (when available)
Shucked Clams (meat) $23.00 lb
Mussels 2 lb bags $5.55 ea (P.E.I Mussels)

Periwinkles ( upon request)
Quahogs (upon request)
Frozen Local Fresh Oysters

$1.00 ea

Specialty Items
 *Prices are subject to change

*Jarred Herring, House Blend
265 grams... $5.50

*Kippers (Smoked Herring)

Ready to Eat!
Homemade Fresh Seafood Chowder
-Haddock & Shrimp
16 oz container
$10 ea (no salt, no flour)

Ready to Eat!
Homemade Fresh Seafood Chowder
-Haddock Only
16 oz container
$7.50 ea (no salt, no flour)

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