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How To Make Lobster Bisque!

How To Debeard Mussels

How To Shuck Oysters

*Don't forget to wash the oysters with a brush before shucking and after shucking,
place bottom shell on ice for best results! They should be eaten right away :)
A towel should work to shuck oysters as seen in this video, but some people may find
thick rubber gloves or chain mail gloves handy so they don't cut themselves!

How To Remove Lobster Meat From A Lobster

Some people wonder how to cook a lobster more humanely, Well there are
video's on YouTube that show you how ... But here is one

How To Remove Meat From a Cooked Crab

How to Get Lobster Meat from Lobster Legs
Have you ever wasted good lobster meat as you feel it is too much work to get the lobster
meat from lobster legs. Here is an easy way to get the meat out, so none go to waste.

Meat from Lobster legs
Step 1. Boil Lobster Legs

Roll Lobster Legs
Step 2. Strain water and wait for legs to cool

Roll Lobster Leg
Step 3. Roll the legs from tips to joints like photos


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